The world of computers is a world of revolving development. Nothing ever stays the same and change is inevitable because change is what makes computers good. The year 2016 is no different, we have a lot to look forward to and the world of desktops has a lot to offer.

It’s About the Power

Desktop-class CPUs and graphics processors are simply more powerful than their mobile counterparts for the same money. They give you the power to finish whatever task you’re working on in less time. Desktop components are less expensive in general, so instead of buying a $500 laptop with a competent Intel Atom processor, you can buy a $500 desktop with a powerful Intel Core i5 desktop CPU in it

You can get desktops with screens that are already built in, or they can be connected externally to a monitor. In either case, you’re almost guaranteed to have a bigger display than even the largest desktop-replacement laptop, which tops out at about 18 inches in size. Another plus is that expandable desktops can accommodate multiple graphics cards to support more than two simultaneous displays.

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From desktops we move to laptops. Who ruled 2015 and what should we expect this new year? Companies are up to making laptops that will rule the market but what should the buyer know? It is always assumed that good laptops are expensive but that is not always true. There are good budget laptops that you can buy this year.

HP Stream 11.6

The HP Stream 11 aims to be a cloud-focused laptop, much like a Chromebook, but with the added utility of Windows 8. It’s a rock-bottom budget laptop, so don’t get your hopes up, but the battery life is impressive.

Price: $145.99 – $239.80

Acer Chromebook 15

If your one gripe about Chromebooks is the small screen sizes, the Acer Chromebook 15 is the solution and it’s a very nice solution at that.

Price: $449.99

Hisense Chromebook

The Hisense Chromebook offers just enough power and comfort for far less money than the competition.

Price: $149.00 – $199.99

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Things just keep on getting smaller and from the laptops we move to the tablets. What kind of brand should you focus on in 2016?


1. iPad Air 2

The iPad Air 2 is the best tablet around


Superbly powerful

Unbeatable app selection

The best tablet out there right now is the iPad Air 2. It’s a brilliant tablet that has further raised the bar for the rest of the competition in terms of build quality, features and performance. If you’re in two minds what to go for, and budget is not a concern – this the best choice. Apple’s range of tablet-optimised apps and a slick user interface makes the iPad Air 2 extremely versatile while also being incredibly easy, and enjoyable, to use. If you’re looking for the best tablet, this is it.

2.Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

A top notch iPad rival

Thinner, lighter design

Rare expandable memory

Improved interface

There are plenty of reasons to invest in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 – especially if you’re after a top Android tablet. This is the best tablet that Samsung has ever produced – it’s both reading and web surfing-friendly and you can pick it up in 8-inch and 9.7-inch variants. Almost impossibly thin, pumped full of power and with a slicker interface it gives the iPad Air 2 a real run for its money.

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