Although it is true that there are a wide variety of different companies out there that offer a custom Content Management System, powerful hosting, and yes of course SEO, each company would like to try something different as a way of gaining clients. However, trying to present your service as unique is not always as simple as it may seem.

Anyone unaware of how to use customized management systems or powerful hosts should ideally try Word press to help design their official websites. It is a well known fact that many of the most successful companies use Word Press to run their websites and blogs.

WordPress installation can as well be done through package management, or users can download the current version of wordpress from wordpress website. For advanced users, WordPress can be downloaded through their server and receive system updates automatically. Another egg in the WordPress basket is the free hosting services that offer users an easy way to deploy a WordPress blog on-line without having to install WordPress on their web server.

The main menu of the site is normally a static page, latest updates, or a variety of ‘special offerings’ are put up on a blog sites. Once you’ve created your site, then you can login into the back office of your word press account to amend any pages or make any new pages that would suit your website.

So why is wordpress so important? Well probably one of the best reasons would be that it is a free open source platform that is used by millions of blog users and website owners. When it is used as a CMS it is actually invisible and is generally just used to maintain your site as needed. There are also a variety of other reasons as well.

WordPress offers free support through its forums that have active members to guide and provide support on fixing issues or taking your blog to the next level. WordPress rolls out a testing ground for soon-to-be released features in the downloadable versions. Therefore, you can test new a feature, prior to its release.

Finally, you will find that WordPress has a lot of add-ons that you can implement into your site or blog without a lot of headaches and hassles. And again, the greatest part is that you will not have to fork out loads of money to hire an expert to get the job done because you will be able to do it all yourself.

Categorized blogging allows blog owners to create categories and place the relevant post or articles under each category; this feature provides neatness and comprehensibility both to owners and users. Each can easily search the topic of their interest with a single click. Many pinging services and blog directories with RSS accept wordpress feeds and return a link to a post published on your website, hence improving traffic to your site. WordPress being a free, user-friendly content management platform, it helps save costs incurred on hiring a web designer for your blog/website. With WordPress you can do it on your own. In case of challenges, it wise to get help from reputable website consulting companies like web design portland to get your WordPress site up and running.