What to check when buying a Computer

So you are shopping for a new computer? Well if you are then you better know where to look and what to look. There are certain considerations and if they all checkout then you better carry that computer back home.

Mac or PC?

Don’t get your heart set on a Mac or a PC, until you find out what the primary platform is at your child’s school. If, for example, your school uses PCs, buying a PC will make file sharing easier.

Gayle Berthiaume, an award-winning teacher and GreatSchools’ technology consultant, also advises considering what projects you intend to do on the computer before making the platform decision.

“You want one that will be multi-purpose for everybody. If it’s going to be used for game playing, that’s different than if you’re going to use it for production and making things. I think all the way through school, it’s better to use the computer for more creative projects.”

Desktop or laptop?

The next issue to consider is screen size versus portability, as this is the basic trade-off when selecting a desktop or a laptop.

Says Berthiuame: “I personally prefer notebooks because you can take them wherever you want to.” Others, however, prefer desktops because of the larger screen size and the more ergonomic screen position and keyboard design.

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Now that you have made a choice between a PC and a Mac , the next thing to check is the screen size. It is actually the screen size that mainly makes a difference in the price. the kind of computer that you go for will also depend on its use.

Screen size

The size of the screen will affect the price, especially with laptop computers. Macworld believes that a 13” screen is the sweet spot for laptops. But this may be too small for some users. For desktop computers, there are more screen options since it is an external device.


What will you use this computer for? Will you use it for simple applications like word processing, e-mail or chat? Do you need a multimedia computer for editing movies? Or will it be a gaming PC? Computers are often categorized by usage. Knowing its purpose will help you select the right computer.

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You should go for a computer that you will be able to maintain. Look at the specifications. Do not get a computer whose warranty isn’t long enough or one whose spare parts are not easily available. You can also check the components.



If a stick of RAM or the hard drive becomes inoperable in a laptop computer, for example, the owner will have to take the laptop apart either by unscrewing a panel on the back of the machine or by removing the keyboard. This process can risk damaging the working parts on the inside of the laptop and there is also a risk of it being difficult to put back together. This difficulty also translates into higher repair costs when the work is completed by a technician and not done by the computer owner. Similar repairs done on a desktop computer are not only easier, but cheaper as the tower has more maneuvering room and there is no need to dismantle layers of parts to get to the malfunctioning component. In terms of maintenance, a desktop computer is the less expensive choice.


There is more space in a desktop computer tower than there is in a laptop to hold upgraded components such as a graphics card or optical drive. The parts used inside a desktop do not need enclosures like those that are used in a laptop because the case protects the parts from dirt, dust, and moisture. For this reason, in terms of components, a desktop computer is lower in expense than a laptop if extra components will be added.

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